1.  Fuck you
  2. Fuck positivity, positivity is the forgotten child of ignorance
  3. We will have our skin inked with new alloys—it will not rot with our flesh—our caskets will be exhumed to present an individual cultural index in a time of culturelesseness
  4. We are consumers
  5. We are consumers
  6. We are consumers
  7. We are weapons of mass consumption
  8. We will make art for consuming
  9. We will consume your art
  10. And make art about consuming it
  11. We are here to be consumed
  12. Your anti consumer, conceptual, contemporary practice smells acrid
  13. You are a consumer—shut the fuck up
  14. We love aesthetics, aesthetics are accessible
  15. Aesthetics are consumable
  16. We love to consume
  17. Anti-aesthetic art will be shat on after the revolution.
  18. We don’t need the western cannon to understand the contemporary, compared to the earth it has the maturity of an adolescent
  19. Burn, punch, spit & kick
  20. Be violent, the hegemony wants women and queers to be passive
  21. White men are probably pissing on you right now.
  22. Reverence in the post-human
  23. My device is the deity to which I turn
  24. We believe in the power of intense materiality
  25. I can google why your religion does not exist.


Throughout the process of art-making, the artists are conscious of and prioritize themes such as queerness, the marginalized experience, othered bodies and accessibility. It is the artists intention to demonstrate works that speak to non-hegemonic notions of the body, the body’s intimacy with space, the body’s interaction with architecture; including and more specifically the architecture of the object the body exists within or upon; questioning how our bodies rely on or subvert architectures, and what common frictions queer/othered/disabled bodies encounter today. These intentions are realized through the subversion of societal norms, stereo- types and common vernacular; as these are witnessed as the tools of erasure for those whom find themselves othered from dominant societal discourse.

© ichikawaedward 2017–2019